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here i am again

 Dear Friend,
     It's been a while. Gosh, I was looking back at my last few posts. It breaks my heart a little, I wish I didn't write about my first love, even if he was mentioned in only a few sentences.
     But that's really nothing. The truth is, I've grown because of it. The new focus on myself - whether I wanted it or not - has given me so many amazing things. Actually, there was a quote from a bible study I went to, it was something about how He will make you meet people you thought you would never meet and more. He would make you a person you thought you'd never become.

     That's kind of how I feel.

     The past year... I cannot begin to explain the wonderful things I've encountered. I have so many friends, people who I use to recognize and think I'd never really meet. I performed on stage, acting and singing in front of so many people (who I moved, by the way). I've become part of something. I actually feel like I belong.
     Now I'm here, in my apartment, alone in the living room. I'm taking summer school and as you can tell, not doing work. I have no class today, I'm telling myself I'll take advantage of my time later. But yes, I just thought I'd drop by and say hi.

     Even though I don't say it or maybe even realize it, I do miss you. Remember, I've kind of made you my guardian angel. I can't help but think your with me in one way or another.
     I wish I had more to say. Or at least, have the inspiration or knew the way to say the things I wish I could say.
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