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Dear Friend,
     Hi. I've missed you. I know I haven't been updating you on what life has been like for a long while. I'm sorry that every time I do, it's sad.

     Well, would you like to know what I should be doing right now? I'm writing a 6-8 page paper for my mythology class. Yupp, and I chose the prompt that has to do with withdrawal and reintegration. At first, I chose it because I figured I could write about two different myths that I know really well. But then I realized that I could actually relate to it.
     Don't worry, I won't go all rant-y on you.
      What I wanted to say is how I can relate to the theme in different ways. There's the withdrawal and at first I would think about my dad. But what's funny is that I have withdrawed from home, too. For college. And I'm always gone for pretty long periods of time.And then there's reintegration. My dad will always have a problem with that. But I don't. Sure, I need to catch up on some stuff but I have great friends and family that are willing to help me out. I feel loved.
     See? This isn't really sad, is it?
     Oh! Guess what? My mom has been recovering so quickly! After the third chemo treatment, the doctor smiled widely, that's what my mom told me. Unfortunately, she has to go to work again soon but I think she'll make it work. She has God by her side and He's all she needs.
     Hmm... so summer's coming up. I don't think I'm signing for classes. But you know what I will be applying for? Jobs! I'm thinking hotels. I would like to get a job as a server in a restaurant or maybe even management. I don't really want to be a housekeeper...
     Yes, summer should be good. Except for one thing. I'm really going to miss Matt. I've seen him everyday for the past year and I'm sure that's what made this relationship stronger than ever. I love him. That's why it's going to be hard to just see him on my computer screen for three months.
     Sure, he says he'll come down every once and a while, he'll especially come for my birthday. But I don't know. I mean, would a parent really let there kid drive down two hours to see his or her significant other? I'm just trying to think realistically.
     Hey. This blog still isn't that bad.

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