for_that_summer (for_that_summer) wrote,

i remember you

It's been four years.

     Genevieve, Gaby, and I came to visit you today. We had a fun picnic, didn't we? We talked about all kinds of random things and ate Subway and Sun Chips. Again, I'm sorry we didn't bring food for you but I have to point out that you didn't ask for any. Oh! And I bought you irises today! I don't usually buy flowers for boys but oh well. And I must say, you have one good looking spot.
     We even visited St. Charles today. The uniforms are looking so different and a lot of the kids have grown so big! It was funny how some kids kept staring at me, thinking that they know my face but not my name. One even exclaimed, "You look familiar! Did you go here?" She was cute. And Miss Islas... She is so in the "know." She's part of the mom network. It was fun seeing her. It was fun seeing you after four long but quick years.

     I miss you. I miss everything about you.

     I miss my nocturnal buddy, Islas. I didn't say it out loud over there because I wanted it to be a good, happy visit but I wanted to say it. There's no other person I want to talk to every night on aim while everybody else is asleep who would tell me about subwoofers and cars and things I don't really care much about. Just you. A big part of me didn't even feel like this was the day until Geni would talk about how the class was told and how she told me and how I was hurrying her up because I had to go somewhere. And when I wanted to watch your video like I do every New Year's and anniversary. The fucking CD won't play anymore.

     I wanted to see you before I move. I will probably visit on your birthday. Fifteen more days. How do you feel about that? You know, I bought you a birthday card four years ago but never had the heart to write anything in it or give it to you. Should I sign it this time?

I love you.
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