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it's a memory now

Three years and eleven months.
But let's remember something else.

     I had my debut on Friday. It was so nice. You should have been there. My rose.

     So, I woke up next to my cousin Bini - her, Bryan, Matthew came on my birthday. We took Sabrina to school and went for a walk. I wanted to make sure I was able to fit into my dresses. Afterwards, we came home and just talked at the kitchen table. I talked about Samsung; there's something about the subject of boys that's always so entertaining. Well, my brother joined and after a while the other boys came down.

      There wasn't much. I think I woke up too early in the day.
      Luckily, 11:30 came and I got my hair done. I felt weird sitting there waiting for my sister in a tiara and curls. Then driving the 4runner... Awkward... Make-up was pretty funny. Kendis's cousin came and did my make-up. She had to do my right eye three times because every time we tried a something cool and intense, my mom wanted something else. Oh, but the eyelashes! Argh, Ashley says it's an asian thing, stubborn eyelashes. They wouldn't curl which made the fake lashes - the "BAM" eyelashes - look too unnatural. I had two pairs of eyelashes on one eye. Oh well. No one really noticed during the party, if they did, they didn't say anything. So after make-up, I dressed in shorts and a hoodie and hurried to the venue. Unfortunately, I was helping my brother with his song that he missed the exit. We got there though.
     You know how I wanted to hide and not let anyone see me until my entrance? Didn't work out so well. But that's okay. Only a good few saw me. Gosh, I was so nervous. Especially about the lift in the waltz. But it kind of went away when I was disappointed that I wasn't able to strut to the song I chose -- everybody else did. Bleh. Oh, I forgot to mention that Vincent couldn't make it so I made Johnny escort both Jen and Bianca. People laughed. And the waltz was pretty fun. The lift was smoother than I thought it would be. Then I stayed at the table while everybody got food. I did not feel like getting up; I was too busy admiring the room. Lea went all out. Oh, and I was texting and talking to Samsung over the phone, even with Tameika. Everybody was having a good time.
     The montage wasn't working early in the debut so we moved onto performances. My right leg was shaking so much when I sang Replay with Sabrina. And then afterwards was the hula with Frances, Jamie and Kayla. Kayla kept complaining that she just ate and now had to how her stomach. Girl doesn't have one. Hah, then it was my father-daughter dance. Not a big deal. Then there was a dance break and I got to dress into my second dress. It felt so awkward hearing the ooohs and ahhs. Especially from all the teenagers. I tried not to look at them. So we went into the roses, all the guys dancing or trying to dance, and the candles who I made sure to talk to as they spoke. It was too boring just sitting there, waiting for a hug. And after all that, I made a speech. It was funny. But I forgot one thing -- You look good, Vic.
     My brother sang. Of course, he was his entertaining self. Everybody loved it.
     Oh, gosh. The Future Love/Touched dance. So nervous. I was early on some parts. And then I couldn't find Johnny until he tapped and I had to spin around and dance with him. Oh well.
     Then there was the montage. Bianca made it and I absolutely loved it. 
     And those were the highlights. I went back into my white dress and enjoyed to last few moments. Even when I had a nosebleed. 

      I could have gotten more money though. Haha.

You didn't really need this. You were there all along. 

            I love you.
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